Amazing Water Sports

Lakes and Rivers

There are endless water sports available in St Ives. Fishing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Canoing. St Ives offers them all. If you love water sports then St Ives could be the ideal place for you to live. And Meadow Park is ideally placed close to all the major lakes and the Great Ouse.


Jones Boat Yard provides a boating paradise for all sorts of small boats just a  ¼ mile from Meadow Park apartments. The marina shop has chandler supplies and provides fuel and moorings

Kayaks and Canoes

These are available to hire at the marina with direct access to The Great Ouse.


Based on the edge of Meadow lake, family orientated Hunts Sailing Club provides class racing for Solo, Enterprise, Phantom, and Laser Class dinghies on these large lakes. The flatness of the East Anglian landscape provides great winds to make sailing a pleasure and occasionally a challenge. Other sailing facilities are nearby.

Water Skiing and Wake Boards

Based on Long Reach lake this club provides water ski and wake board opportunities for everyone who would like to join the club


St Ives Fish Preservation and Angling Society among others provide for fishing on the Great Ouse. Even closer to Meadow Park the St Ives Fishery provides Carp and other coarse fishing on most of the local lakes including Meadow Lake and Long Reach. Fishing licences may be required.


A few of the above clubs also offer opportunities for windsurfing. If you have your own board the lakes could prove an ideal venue and the winds are often intense in the flat fen landscape.


St Ives leisure is less than 1 mile away and provide council run swimming facilities and lessons

So St Ives may be one of the best venues in England for such a variety of fresh water based activities. Meadow Park is right in the middle of the 20+ lakes and the river that make St Ives such an attraction for water sport enthusiasts.

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Meadow Lane next to Meadow Park