Transport Around St Ives

Cars and Boats and Planes

The Guided Busway and Bus Station

St Ives is a major hub on the local bus network. Just a few hundred yards south of Meadow Park is the entrance to the Guided Busway terminal and St Ives Park & Ride. From here to Cambridge guided buses drive along a dedicated pathway connecting with Cambridge centre, Adenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge station and, shortly, North Cambridge Rail Station.  Going Northwards the buses drive on normal roads to Huntingdon, Wyton, Chatteris, Peterborough and other villages on the way. Alongside the Busway are paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

Across Harrison's Way is the major bus terminal with buses connecting to outlying villages and major centres. Buses run locally round St Ives (the "circular") and to the Hemingfords, Huntingdon, Swavesey, Over and more.

Roads and Parking

St Ives is situated close to major road networks. Just over 1 mile away is access to the A14 major trunk road. This take you to Cambridge south eastwards and on to Newmarket, Harwich, Fexlixtowe and the Suffolk and Norfolk coats. It also connects northwards to the A1 at Huntingdon, the M1 and M6 (past Leicester) and the M11 (for London, the M25 and the south and west) and the A428 (for Bedford and Milton Keynes).


There are lots of options for using the river Great Ouse for travel. The St Ives Electric Riverboat Company organises tours and wildlife cruises along the river. There's loads more to do on the water in St Ives


There a huge network of cycle paths all round St Ives and anywhere in the town is easy t get to. Cambridge is 13 miles on a very safe (no roads alongside) path adjacent to the Guided Busway.. See "What's to do" for more information.


The Nearest train station is Huntingdon (under 6 miles with a large but not free car park) with direct links on fast trains to London and via Peterborough to the North and Scotland. Cambridge station is more difficult to get to as its the wrong side of Cambridge and take 45 minutes through possibly heavy traffic. The good news is Cambridge North Station should open in 2016 and is connected by the Guided Busway and will be much easier to get to by car.


The nearest airport is Stansted in Essex which can be accessed entirely by dual carriageway roads (A14, M11, A120) is 42 miles and takes about 42 minutes. Buses go directly to Stansted from the St Ives bus terminal and the guided busway will shortly take commuters to Cambridge East where trains go directly into Stansted terminal


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